SEE The shocking reasons Lerato Kganyago dumped her husband Thami Ndlala

SEE The shocking reasons Lerato Kganyago dumped her husband Thami Ndlala South Africa HipHop & Fakaza Mp3 Download

Lerato Kganyago, Thami Ndlala divorce reasons: The reasons behind Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala divorce have been revealed. It is alleged the couple separated as a result of the Thami Dlala’s conduct. He has been accused of lying about his age and being a fraudster. It is also alleged he claimed to own a house in Sandhurst/Hyde Park when he was actually renting.

The reasons behind the divorce was revealed by popular Twitter character Man’s NOT Barry Roux

It is reported that Thami Ndlala is a well know fraudster. He is believed to have two South African identity documents. He is also accused to lying to Lerato Kganyago about his age that he was born in 1981 when he was actually born in 1988.

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Thami Ndlala is also accused of lying about owning a house in Sandhurst/Hyde Park when in actual fact he was renting. Ndala is also reported to have fathered 3 kids which Lerato Kganyago didn’t know about and only found out recently.

Another reason for the divorce of Thami Ndala and Lerato Kganyago is that Thami has numerous fraudulent court cases that he is attending.

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Another report suggests that Thami Ndlala defrauded pensioners from Mpumalanga, Pretoria & Johannesburg of their investments. He also claimd to be making a lot of money through his forex company for the pensioners, which never happened. All these cases are reported to be currently at the commercial court.

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